At Your VanLife Experience we are obsessed with water, we love been by it, on it and in it! We have a great range of SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) and sit on top Kayaks available for you to hire to make your holiday that bit more fun.

If you have never tried either before, don’t worry you will be given a crash course in the basics (on dry land) by Phil, who is qualified paddlesports instructor.

VanLife is a great chance to visit all those amazing lakes in Europe, take a trip down to the med, or just be at one with the English Chanel. Where ever our trip takes us we will always have our SUP on board with us.

Safety First 

As a passionate water sports lover, I can NOT emphasise how important water safety is. All to often I see people out on the water without any safety gear, is it really a risk worth taking?

First things first, make sure you are allowed to paddle where you are before getting on the water, be aware of any zones at which you aren’t allowed. This could be for a number of reasons from, motor boats to wildlife, to hidden rocks etc.

Next, always wear a floatation device, at Your VanLife Experience all our SUPs and Kayaks come with buoyancy aid included. These could save you life.

Finally, only paddle of water that you are comfortable in for example, don’t go out in rough sea’s if you haven’t got the experience.


Most of all have a great time on the water and make many memories.

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